Monday, February 21, 2011

How Busy is Too Busy?

What is this? Another blog? This quickly? Okay, y'all, don't have a heart attack. I said I was going to attempt to be a little more consistent in my writing, and so I am.

Sometimes I wonder what is going through my mind when I agree to do things. I mean, my plate is only so big and I can only balance it for so long. But it's odd how caught up I can get in doing good things and how easy it is to forget to spend time with the Person who gave me the ability to do all these things. It's as if I'm so busy doing things FOR that I forget to be thankful and spend time WITH God. And then I get stressed and overwhelmed when I can't get it all done and ask God why He put all this stuff on my plate. It's a little bit of a vicious circle.

I think it would be easier for me to say no to people or turn down opportunities if I didn't enjoy being involved so much. I like being busy and that can be dangerous. It's so much easier to lose sight of the main goal when all of your time is spent doing other things and being busy.

I have recently become part of the BCM State Council for the state of Florida. I'm so excited and I love it already. But it's just one more thing to add onto the plate. I also agreed to lead the VBS Music workshop for the Association. Pile it on. I'm also going to school full time. And working part time. And doing stuff with BCM. And doing praise team at church. And leading UNDONE. And and and and.... Whew. I get tired just thinking about it all. And all these things are GOOD things. I LIKE doing them. But I recently realized that I have to make spending time with Jesus a priority above all these other things. And that's hard. I don't know why it's hard, but it is. If I am involved in so many ministry opportunities that I don't have time to worship my God, then I am too busy. And that's hard for me because I love being right in the middle of the action. I work better that way.

So, I suppose the purpose of this blog is to ask you all to keep me in check. Ask me how my walk with Jesus is. If I seem stressed, remind me of why it is I do what I do. There's nothing like having an audience to make sure you live the way you are supposed to. :)